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Create your


easily and free !

Some examples of dashboards ...

The examples below were created with our solution. Click on one of them to open it in a new tab.

An operation in 3 steps !

1 Load your data
As well as in the form of Word, PDF, Excel, ...; that these files are loaded, available on a server; that your data are on a database, the possibilities are multiple.
2 Create your dashboards
Take advantage of a wide range of indicators (pie charts, histograms, etc.) to best represent your data. Arrange them, size them, choose a theme and that's it!
3 Leverage your data
Follow your activity or your team with your dashboards. Clacos allows you to display them live on a screen, to integrate them into your information system, to extract them as images, etc.

Try it for yourself !

  Data set
  Type of representation

Finally, make the dashboard your own

Move, resize, delete and add indicators as you see fit!

Service commercial
Résultats de l'activité de la semaine

Why choose our solution ?

Free solution
Clacos is available in a free version but also in 3 other packages to best suit your needs.

End-to-end encryption
Your data sets are transmitted to us via HTTPS, encrypted and then stored warm in our database.

API at your disposal
You have a large structure and want to manage your data sets and dashboards via your scripts, the API is there.

Manage your team
Add your users and give them access to the dashboards according to their authorizations and needs.

Solution integration
Display your dashboards on a full screen TV or within your information system or emails.

Wide range of indicators
Curves, histograms, pie charts, ... easily choose the indicator that best represents your data set.

Multiple connectors
Direct loading, sending to an email box, DropBox, Database, STFP, ... to meet all your requirements.

Data refreshment
Your dashboards evolve live and stay up to date by choosing the refresh rate of your data sets.

Customized dashboards
Put your dashboards in your company colors. Several themes available and custom theme available.